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A Family of Brands

The Prestwick Group was founded 19 years ago with the mission to build long lasting, aesthetically pleasing site furnishings. A passion for the game of golf along with the help of a novel material, 97% HDPE, launched a career and created a family of brands.

Great Lakes Golf Course Products began in 1997 operating out of a 750 sq. foot building in Nashotah, WI. Matt Morse, Founder & CEO, was driven by the desire to create high quality, sustainable furnishings that matched the needs and standards of top courses around the country. After seeing success in the golf industry, Max-R was created to serve the needs of the corporate, park and recreation, food service, and education markets and Prestwick Limited followed shortly after to serve the hospitality industry.

Nex-Terra: Configured Solutions™

Nex-Terra: Configured Solutions™

Nex-Terra was created in 2010 to serve as the distributor brand for The Prestwick Group. Along side our distributor partners, we’ve brought the customized waste & recycling solution to the rest of the marketplace.

Vendor/customer relationships are the basis of successful business. Nex-Terra’s purpose is to provide our distributor partners and their customers with access to the best customized waste & recycling solutions and site furnishings available in the market. Thanks to our thick roots and familial relationships we’re able to provide tailored solutions for orders as small as one planter box to thousands of waste & recycle bins.

Our Recycled Milk Jug Content May Contribute to Your LEED Certification

Our Recycled Milk Jug Content May Contribute to Your LEED Certification

nex-terra-milk-jugNex-Terra products are constructed from 97% Type 2 HDPE, the purest form of recycled plastic available in the industry today. Our signature material is extruded from post-consumer recyclables - milk jugs - and turned into our innovative Nex-Terra Material. Due to the purity of the material, Nex-Terra products are able to be reclaimed and recycled again - extending the product lifecycle. In addition, due to the purity of the Nex-Terra Material, use of our products in your facility may help you achieve LEED Certification under MR 4.1 and MR 4.2

Due to the inherent strength and longevity of the Nex-Terra Material, your products won’t rust, mold, or harbor insects. And thanks to UV-inhibitors that are added to the HDPE in the creation process your products won’t fade over time. After working with this material for 19 years and through strenuous testing, we stand by our virtually maintenance free products.

Engineered & Hand Built in Sussex, WI

Engineered & Hand Built in Sussex, WI

In-house engineering, rigorous standards, and sound construction methods are the trademarks of a Nex-Terra product.

dado-joineryPocket-Screw Dado Joinery
The pocket-screw method creates an effective joint while keeping most of the hardware on the unit concealed and protected. When combined with dado slots, it creates one of the strongest construction methods available.

Reinforced Doors
Doors and panels are reinforced with powder-coated metal tubing to maintain the structural integrity of the products.

stainless-steel-hardwareCorrosion Resistant Hardware
Corrosion resistant hinges, screws, and other ceramic dipped fasteners outperform the alternatives for product longevity.