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Centralized Recycling


A centralized waste & recycling system is an optimal way to reduce custodial stops and put the power of recycling into the hands of the user.

Centralized Recycling

The key to a successful centralized system is a well placed, well labeled bin. If the centralized waste & recycling bin is not located in an area that staff frequent or is easily accessible, it will go unused or will not be used properly. When customizing your centralized waste & recycling bin, some elements to consider are:

A centralized bin should have a large enough gallon capacity to allow for collection of full individual bins. If the centralized bin fills up too fast the user will start to use the other less full streams and contaminate collection. Similarly, the waste streams provided in the centralized bin should allow for parallel access to each stream to allow for clean collection. If your facility collects waste, bottles, and paper then all three collection points should be equally available for the individual users. If waste is provided in one area, but recycling is located elsewhere then the bins will be not be used properly and waste streams will be contaminated. Clear labels, symbols, and easy to use openings are equally important to allow the user to easily and efficiently empty their individual bins into the proper waste stream.

When used properly, a centralized waste & recycling system can be an effective way eliminate unnecessary custodial stops and allow users to be invested in your waste & recycling program.

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